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Through A Sober Lens

A Photographer's Journey


Order your copy of the award-winning chronicle of Michael Blanchard's journey of recovery and the healing power of nature and human connection. Featuring stunning color landscape photography and heartfelt essays. 




The Inspirational Best-Seller

That is Changing Lives


Winner- "Best Interior Design" and "Most Inspirational Book" at the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Awards

Since the publication of his debut FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, author/photographer Michael Blanchard has become a voice of hope and inspiration around the world. By combining vivid color photography with candid reflections of his journey to sobriety, he provides much-needed insight into the diseases of addiction and alcoholism and illustrates the path of healing and connection that is so vital to recovery. Proceeds from Michael's writing and photography fund addiction treatment services in his community.

Praise for "Through A Sober Lens"

“ A beautiful and imaginative memoir, Through a Sober Lens is a personal project that conveys hope and encouragement to others struggling with pain and addiction.”

- Clarion Foreword Reviews. 


“An engaging volume that offers lovely photos and stirring reflections.  Blanchard’s eloquent prose is easy to browse and ponder.” 

-Kirkus Reviews


“Michael Blanchard writes and shoots with poignant beauty and piercing honesty”

- The Martha’s Vineyard Times. 


“Through a Sober Lens: A Photographer’s Journey, is both a coffee-table treasury of Vineyard landscape photography and a guide to life for recovering addicts and their families.”

- The Martha’s Vineyard Gazette


“Blanchard’s collection of tranquil, moving, stunning images—each accompanied by a brief narrative of perseverance through his personal struggles—offers the reader a glimmer of hope and inspiration to prevail over challenges of their own.”

Tim Bono, PhD, Lecturer in Brain and Psychological Sciences at Washington University; Author of Happiness 101: Simple Strategies for Smart Living & Well-Being


“A powerful, badass story of commitment to self-acceptance by finding a creative outlet through the chaos. Michael’s story is a guide for recovering and sober humans alike.”

Jeffrey Tremaine

Producer, Gorilla Pictures

Director, THE DIRT (Netflix)


“A Wonderful Book”- Mike Peters, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist.


The journey to recovery that Michael Blanchard takes in THROUGH A SOBER LENS is deeply moving and personal, told with honesty and heart.  - Steven Okazaki, Emmy and Oscar-winning filmmaker. Director, HEROIN: Cape Cod, USA (HBO)


“A wonderful portrait of recovery and hope, where connection to a sense of Purpose and Nature are critical ingredients to recovery and maintaining good mental and emotional health. Thank you Michael for your inspirational story which sets sail to another "lifeboat” for those suffering in silence who can know that they are not alone”   -Geoff McDonald, Keynote Speaker, Business Transformation Advisor & Mental Health Campaigner; former Global VP of Human Resources, Unilever

“For anyone struggling with addiction or the addiction of a loved one, this book offers practical guidance and inspiration in a context of beauty. Beauty can, in fact, heal and its capacity to do so is compellingly demonstrated in this work.” - Bryan Welch CEO of Mindful Magazine and the Foundation for a Mindful Society, author of Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want


“Absolutely stunning! I resonated so deeply with the story and Michael’s journey in recovery. The courage, strength, and hope passed on through the amazing photography and his story is extremely empowering” - Chef Bill Haley, Founder of Culinary Recovery.


“Beautifully told short stories of hope, redemption, and human perseverance over addictions. The path is paved with meaning, purposehood, self-love, and helping others as Michael discovered in his personal journey bouncing back from his struggles. Humanity today is plagued with all kinds of addictions from alcohol and drugs to electronics. This book is an inspiration for everyone to be mindful of their personal challenges and to take the needed steps to correct the course of their life toward their potentiality.” - Ammar Charani, Angel Investor and Leader at Social Good Venture

“The story so expertly told by Michael Blanchard through his stunning photography and heartfelt words has a similar pattern to that experienced by many members of the ManGang. 

It starts at what should have been the end of his life.   From the first page to the last it provides hope, inspiration and direction to anyone who has or is struggling at a low point in their lives.  

Coupled with the stunning imagery, the words unfold to shine like the glimmer of light getting bigger as you race through a tunnel of darkness.

It’s certainly found a place at our weekly meetings and will continue to do so.

Thank you, Michael, for showing us the light.”


Andy Bishop

Bipolar, Suicide Survivor, Founder of ManGang


“Through a Sober Lens by Michael Blanchard is a beautiful bouquet of seaside photographs of Martha’s Vineyard. Michael’s inspiring personal journey to recovery is accentuated in the narrative provided with each photo. He removes his shell, exposing his vulnerability on each page providing the reader with a sobering view of his path to healing and resilience.”-Larry Jones, MD and Audrey Jones, MBA, Authors of Falling Through The Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir


“Michael Blanchard’s poignant memoir is representative of every alcoholic and addict’s journey. Few humans are willing to become this vulnerable or to be so authentic. If you want to deepen your understanding of addiction or if you want to (re)gain hope for your loved one – or for yourself – this book is for you.”


Stephen Deason, MBA, MSc.

CEO & Founder, The OPARASA Group 

Chairman, The OPARASA Foundation


“Michael Blanchard’s photographs and essays are are a beautiful example of the gifts that are available to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the limitless soul and spirit of recovery.”

~ Tricia Bennett, Addiction and Trauma Therapist, author of Finding True Love, Authenticity, and Joy at Any Age


“Michael Blanchard’s new book has not only captured the awesome beauty of our precious Martha’s Vineyard; he has also shared his heart as he takes us on his transformative journey to sobriety and his love and commitment to helping  others.”  Tom Bennett, Associate Executive Director, Martha’s Vineyard Community Services


“This book is beautiful and inspiring. While it shares an incredible story of overcoming addiction, anyone who has ever faced a challenge will be uplifted by reading it. It is a message of hope and the beauty of life” -Linda Girgis, MD, FAAFP, Editor in Chief of Physician’s Weekly.

I highly recommend the inspiring book “Through A Sober Lens- A Photographers Journey” by Michael Blanchard. Through artistic photographs and powerful stories he describes his journey through addiction. He doesn’t sugarcoat the ups and downs of addiction and recovery and how it affected those he loves. Let Michael Blanchard help you move from the darkness and loneliness of addiction through connection with nature and others.His beautiful photographs of lighthouses, wildlife and birds on the island of Martha’s Vineyard are breathtaking and encourage all of us that we can overcome addictions in all of our lives.” - Ann Kearney-Cooke,PhD 

Distinguished Scholar Partnership for Gender Specific Medicine Columbia University, New York.

New York Times Bestselling Author.


"The true inverse of addiction is freedom. These images showcase what freedom looks like through courage and vulnerability. I can not help but imagine others finding the same hope I did while flipping these pages-and that is a great thought." -Christopher S. Dickie

Chief Executive Officer at Natural State Recovery


Order the 2nd edition of the recovery classic Fighting For My Life, in a paperback edition featuring new photos and an updated preface by the author. 

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